Makenna Foundation Angel Award Recipients

Makenna Foundation Angel Award Recipients

To thank those who dedicate their time to enrich the lives of children by going above and beyond the call of duty, the Makenna Foundation presents an annual Angel Award.  Meet the recipients:

2012:  Carla Hisle
Carla Hisle is Sales and Marketing Manager of RE/MAX Creative Realty
“Having been a part of The Makenna Foundation since it’s inception in 2001, I am honored to be an Angel Award recipient! I can’t help but accept the honor on behalf of my fellow RE/MAX Creative Realtors and staff. What started as a fundraising project to build a memorial wall at the hospital in Makenna’s name soon grew to an entire Pediatric Emergency Center to honor her. With a tremendous amount of help and support we are proud to be a part of the growth, and miracles, of Kentucky Children’s Hospital.”
— Carla Hisle

2011:  Nursing Staff of the Makenna David Pediatric Emergency Center
“I have worked in the Makenna David Pediatric Emergency Department since its opening on July 14, 2010. I had the honor of having the first pediatric patient, which is something I will always remember. I am in awe of how Greg and Sheila David have taken their experience of a heartbreaking loss for their family and turned it into an opportunity for other families to get exceptional care.”
— Jessie Meiser, RN, one of 18 nurses recognized with the 2011 Angel Award

2010:  Michael Karpf, M.D.
Dr. Karpf is the executive vice president for health affairs at the University of Kentucky.
“To be recognized by the Makenna Foundation is especially meaningful to me as the foundation is a dedicated partner in health care for our children. When I came to Kentucky, our children’s hospital was not staffed or equipped to take care of a significant number of health problems children in our Commonwealth experience. It has been one of my top priorities to make sure we can offer Kentucky’s children all the care they need.”
— Michael Karpf, M.D.

2009:  Marvin Lewis
Marvin Lewis is the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals.

2008:  Heinrich Werner, M.D.
Dr. Werner died July 15, 2007. The posthumous Makenna Foundation Angel Award was presented to his wife, Nancy, and their sons, Karl, Thomas and Martin. A native of Kassel, Germany, Dr. Werner was an international leader in pediatric intensive care medicine. He was chief of the pediatric intensive care unit at Kentucky Children’s Hospital, then associate professor of pediatrics and anesthesiology.

2007:  Doug Flynn
The correspondent banking officer with Central Bank, Doug has been involved with Children’s Charity Fund of the Bluegrass for many years, an organization that raises funds to donate for children’s charities, such as the Makenna Foundation. He emcees our Art of Making Miracles event each September.
“It takes many people to make any charity work. I was just one of the early ones with the Makenna Foundation. The Angel Award is still one of the coolest things I have on my wall.”
— Doug Flynn

2006:  Janice Mueller
Janice Mueller is broker/owner of RE/MAX Creative Realty
“I was honored and humbled to the first recipient of the Angel Award. As co-founder of The Makenna Foundation, I am so blessed to be part of the Makenna Foundation’s work in enriching the lives of children at the Kentucky Children’s Hospital. Every year we see our vision becoming a reality, producing more and more tangible results.”
— Janice Mueller